Swab 2017 slow, too slow

Do emerging artists have something interesting to say today? in SWAB art fair we expected some kind of talent blowup, but it doesn’t appear. However we want to stand out some pieces and discourses.

NATALIA CARMINATI (1982) Buenos Aires. Lives and works in Barcelona. Her work is interested in identifying and investigating the processes of invisibility that operate in different socio-cultural mechanisms, creating decoded and decoding paradigms.

In SWAB presented PAC-ART video game.pac-art_panel_central.jpg


Jonidel Mendoza is emerging as one of the promising new talents in Venezuelan art. His work transitions mainly between drawing and sculpture.


Ievgen Petrov

Ucranian artist uses – water color – , a very rare technique used in contemporary art. Artist proves that he can stay actual even in classical, traditional style.

Night swimming
Watercolor on paper, 71×50 cm

And not so emerging but art…

James Rielly is a British artist who was born in Wales in the mid 1950s. Rielly presented some watercolour on paper.


JAVIER Bellomo (Cordoba 1968) – presented “a breath of air”,

‘Photography is the medium that allows me to work a personal expression in the visual image.

The ideas (so far) have revolved around the people around me, familiar friends and acquaintances, to whom I am constantly portraying, it is those portraits from which come the forms that will take the works later.’



Pepe Rodriguez (Malaga)

Blondi Sweet Anatomy: Dog, resin, painstakingly hand creafted and hand painted and Coin machine. 59 x 53 x 27,5 inches. / 150 x 135 x 70 cm.



Spin Panther: Resin, painstakingly hand creafted and hand painted.